blueseventy nero kneeskin SNTKSW, 14S2NS, 14S5NS, SRNTX-17, SRNTX-13
blueseventy nero kneeskin (Pink)
blueseventy nero kneeskin (Blue)
blueseventy nero kneeskin (Purple)
blueseventy nero kneeskin (Red)
blueseventy nero kneeskin (Red)

Brand: Blueseventy

Product code:SNTKSW, 14S2NS, 14S5NS, SRNTX-17, SRNTX-13


Regular price: $299.00

Metro price: $140.00-$140.00


Product Description:
BLUESEVENTY Nero TX Women's Color Kneeskin

Blueseventy's NeroTX range incorporates the very latest in modern textile fabric technology. With advanced ultrasonic welding and extensively tested patterns offering the optimal blend of fit, compression and performance, you know you'll soon be swimming faster with Blueseventy.

Consulting with industry experts on female fit, patterns and the latest textile materials have resulted in a kneeskin delivering maximum performance within the new FINA regulations.

-Ultra sonic bonded seams for seamless surface flow
-Low drag co-efficient
-Compression management
-Ultra lightweight quick drying fabric
-FINA Approved
-Tried and tested Femme Fit.