ARENA Girls' Powerskin R-EVO ONE One Piece (Blue-Powder Pink (143))
Blue-Powder Pink (143)
ARENA Girls' Powerskin R-EVO ONE One Piece (Red Wine-Turquoise (448))
Red Wine-Turquoise (448)

Brand: Arena

Product code:001817


Regular price: $150.00

Metro price: $150.00-$150.00


Product Description:
Powerskin R-EVO One is our newest racing swimsuit with cutting-edge design, proven results and top performance. One stands for its innovative construction with just one piece of fabric that stretches and compresses evenly for a second-skin feel. With a single bonded seam at the back, this smooth girls' competition suit ensures enhanced freedom of movement and total comfort. The ultra-lightweight fabric absorbs less water and reduces drag, improving your glide and efficiency while racing. With its essential design, Powerskin R-EVO One is the simplest way to experience all the benefits of a tech suit.