MARU Shimmer Ecotech Swimsuit FX0005
MARU Shimmer Ecotech Swimsuit (Aqua)

Brand: Maru

Product code:FX0005


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Product Description:
What's shiny, colourful, and has scales all over? Probably a lot of different fish. And a mermaid's tail... But we're getting off track - our Shimmer Ecotech sparkle Tie Back does!

Made of 78% regenerated polyester and 22% LYCRA XTRA LIFE, this suit gives shimmer a whole new meaning. The entire suit has been designed to look like scales. And the different shades of blue help the fabric to look textured and realistic. Not to mention the entire piece is foiled to create a wet look. Even before you dive into the pool you'll look the part! We've topped this Shimmer suit off with an aqua adjustable Tie Back, promising you comfort and support. If you want to stand out in the pool, you and this unique suit mer-maid for each other!

- Made using Ecotech fabric
- Recycled Yarn
- Pilling Resistant
- Chlorine resistant
- UPF 50+ fabric
- Front lined
- Medium leg height
- Fabric - 78% Polyester/22% LYCRA XTRA LIFE
- Style: 'Tie' - Sporty thin strap style that can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Ideal for training or leisure swimming