ARENA Swim Snorkel III 004825
ARENA Swim Snorkel III (Acid Lime (605))
Acid Lime (605)
ARENA Swim Snorkel III (Black (501))
Black (501)
ARENA Swim Snorkel III (Pink (905))
Pink (905)

Brand: Arena

Product code:004825


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Product Description:
Strengthen and enhance your breathing workouts and strengthen body/core to improve your technique with the new arena Swim Snorkel III. New headband strap makes it even easier to wear and adjust to a fixed position.

- One-way purge valve means no water inhalation during flip turns.
- Super soft hypoallergenic silicone mouth piece.
- Uni-directional swivel headband makes it easy to breathe and rotate horizontally when needed - talking to your coach between drills.
- Center constructed uni-directional headband provides the ultimate stability in high speed fin-swimming and flip turns.
- New liquid silicone headband strap is soft and flexible making it easier to adjust to head and over swim caps.
- New designed headband strap quick-release clip makes for quick adjusting of strap length for custom sizing.